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I suppose the first thing a blogger should do is explain why he or she is blogging, so here I go. This blog’s purpose is to inform, share, and organize. That clears it right up, right? Let me digress. My name is Amber Brooks and I have the distinct pleasure and honor and blessing of serving as the Director of Youth Ministries at Southern Hills Christian Church in Edmond. As I work on and with this ministry I am ever striving to find ways in which to connect our youth to the church as a whole, to our community, to our world. Our youth program has a few Facebook pages, our church has a website, and I email regularly. I was looking for a platform that would meet somewhere between the brief Facebook postings and the multi-subject emails that I bombard parents and grandparents with daily. So here I am blogging.

Specifically, I will post here about what our programs are doing. I will spend time on each section. I hope to go into the whys of what we do what we do in the ways that we do it (again, I hit ya with the clarity). I welcome questions, comments, and any feedback on this project as I want it to be as useful as possible.

~One Love,



Author: dryouthministries

I am lucky enough to be able to be involved with, teach to, and learn from an incredible group of young people. This blog, I hope, will serve to show others what it is we do as a group that explores faith together.

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